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One of the wonderful aspects of making log furniture by hand is that no two logs are exactly alike. Variations may include shape, color, checking, knots, worm trails, bends, twists, scars and burls. This is why hand peeled logs are so much more interesting than "milled" logs, which remove all the natural character to obtain a uniform size and shape. Milled logs are machine made and end up looking exactly that way. We will never use milled logs and draw knife all the logs ourselves by hand.

Another feature of pine logs is "checking" which are cracks that occur as logs lose moisture over time. This is a natural process that adds rustic character and in no way affects the integrity of the piece of furniture. Almost all hand peeled log furniture will have some degree of checking and customers need to be aware of this.

We only use standing dead lodgepole pine in our furniture. We never take live trees or fallen trees as there is a possibility of rot down the road. Walking through the forest with our dog Shelby looking for suitable trees is one of our greatest pleasures and finding character trees is always very exciting.



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